Grant Show talks “Devious Maids”: “It’s really fun!”

“Devious Maids” is doing so well. How has it been to see its success? Now days there are so many new shows, it must be nice to see this one really sticking with people.


Grant- It’s so nice! We’ve been working on the show for around a year and a half now, we did the pilot in late winter/early spring of 2012; and then you go off and you do 12 more episodes of it and it’s all sort of in a bubble until it airs. I’m in love with it, everyone else that works for it is also very much in love with what we’re doing but we never know until it’s out there and everyone sees it. And it’s so nice that it’s out there now and everyone likes it because we do.

What are you most enjoying about Spencer and about the show?
 Really, it’s Marc’s style. Marc has got a very unique voice. The comedy-drama-suspense, all the stuff that he puts together is uniquely his and it’s not the easiest to play because you have to be able to switch back and forth from pretty heavy drama to pretty light comedy very quickly, and it’s

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challenging. But it’s been really a lot of fun. It’s been fun watching it, too. I rarely like watching myself and I’ve really enjoyed myself on this show. Spence is such a goof, you know. He’s such a sweet, sweet guy to a fault. He kind of tries a little hard but doesn’t always get it right.

He really is the good guy. Why do you think he hasn’t stood up to his wife and said enough?
You know, I think we’re going to have find that out. My biggest question about Spence is why did he marry her in the first place? (Laughs) I mean did she change that much? We’re going to have find out why Spence is the way he is with her. I’m not going to call him spineless because I don’t think he is. I think that he tries so hard to be a good guy and a nice guy and not hurt anybody else that at times he allows himself to be stepped on. There are a lot of people out there like that. He is the quintessential good guy. Nice guys finish last kind of guy, but maybe he won’t!

Maybe he won’t! We saw last night he got the girl!
Yeah he got the girl last night for a little while! (Laughs)…

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