‘Devious Maids’ Hits Series High; Potential Second Season Under Way

Expect a second-season renewal of Lifetime‘s Devious Maids any minute now. The series, from Marc Cherry and ABC Studios, reached series highs across all key demographics in its sixth episode last night. After an OK but unspectacular premiere, the telenovela adaptation has been steadily improving to become Lifetime’s fastest-growing drama in its history. Last night’s audience of 2.9 million total viewers was up 45% vs. the show’s June 23 premiere and up 4% compared with

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last week. In adults 18-49, the show averaged 1.4 million viewers (+69% and +8%); in 25-54 1.3 million (+50% and +18%).…

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Grant Show talks “Devious Maids”: “It’s really fun!”

“Devious Maids” is doing so well. How has it been to see its success? Now days there are so many new shows, it must be nice to see this one really sticking with people.


Grant- It’s so nice! We’ve been working on the show for around a year and a half now, we did the pilot in late winter/early spring of 2012; and then you go off and you do 12 more episodes of it and it’s all sort of in a bubble until it airs. I’m in love with it, everyone else that works for it is also very much in love with what we’re doing but we never know until it’s out there and everyone sees it. And it’s so nice that it’s out there now and everyone likes it because we do.

What are you most enjoying about Spencer and about the show?
 Really, it’s Marc’s style. Marc has got a very unique voice. The comedy-drama-suspense, all the stuff that he puts together is uniquely his and it’s not the easiest to play because you have to be able to switch back and forth from pretty heavy drama to pretty light comedy very quickly, and it’s

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challenging. But it’s been really a lot of fun. It’s been fun watching it, too. I rarely like watching myself and I’ve really enjoyed myself on this show. Spence is such a goof, you know. He’s such a sweet, sweet guy to a fault. He kind of tries a little hard but doesn’t always get it right.

He really is the good guy. Why do you think he hasn’t stood up to his wife and said enough?
You know, I think we’re going to have find that out. My biggest question about Spence is why did he marry her in the first place? (Laughs) I mean did she change that much? We’re going to have find out why Spence is the way he is with her. I’m not going to call him spineless because I don’t think he is. I think that he tries so hard to be a good guy and a nice guy and not hurt anybody else that at times he allows himself to be stepped on. There are a lot of people out there like that. He is the quintessential good guy. Nice guys finish last kind of guy, but maybe he won’t!

Maybe he won’t! We saw last night he got the girl!
Yeah he got the girl last night for a little while! (Laughs)…

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‘Devious Maids’: Season finale will be preceded by an all-day marathon

Lifetime’s “Devious Maids” has been building to a major reveal in its season finale, and to understand who killed Flora and why, Lifetime is re-airing the entire season Sunday (Sept. 22) in advance of the finale. The marathon starts at 10 a.m. ET.

The show will end as it began — at a black-tie pool party at the Powells.

In the pilot, a maid, Flora (Paula Garces), was fatally stabbed. She staggered out to the party, and collapsed into the pool, her blood billowing about her.

A young cater waiter was immediately arrested, which made sense considering all the evidence pointed to him knifing her. But his mother, Marisol (Ana Ortiz), was so certain of her son’s innocence that she gave up her job as a college professor and went undercover as a maid.

Marisol was relentless in her pursuit of the truth to free her son. She never really did quite fit in as a maid in Beverly Hills and the other maids, particularly Zoila (Judy Reyes), were suspicious of this woman who asked too many questions.

The series gave us a glimpse into the excesses of the Beverly Hills idle rich, and the best examples were Adrian and Evelyn Powell (Tom Irwin and Rebecca Wisocky). He had his “disgusting little hobby” as she calls it. Adrian procured prostitutes for his friends, then recorded their sessions. She bought luxury gifts for their long dead son.

There was the drama of a first wife hanging herself from a tree in front of her old home as the second and much younger wife announced she was pregnant. Both wives, Olivia and Taylor (Valerie Mahaffey, Brianna Brown) looked dead on that front lawn and Taylor’s fate is revealed in the final episode.

In another household, Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) took a job as a maid so her boss, Alejandro (Matt Cedeno) would help her with her career as a singer. She was a lousy maid and selfish, but evolved more than the other characters by the end. She found love but the finale will show that love tested.

The most complicated family — and on this show that is saying a lot — is the Delatours. Susan Lucci as Genevieve has been completely fabulous and terminally clueless.

Luckily she’s had her maid, Zoila, to keep her grounded. Zoila’s daughter, Valentina (Edy Ganem), is in love with Genevieve’s son Remi (Drew Van Acker) and the season takes us through the difficulties of a relationship when one person in it waits on the other – for a living.

And there was the maid/babysitter, Rosie (Dania Ramirez), and her married employer, Spence (Grant Show), having the clichéd affair. But the show went beyond the usual course of these trysts because Spence so loves Rosie he has long wanted to leave his wife, Peri (Mariana Klaveno) who could give a bad name to narcissistic evil actresses.

The marathon may not be the most productive use of a Sunday, but for anyone who has not tuned in, it’s a great way to be ready for the big surprise in the finale.…

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Ana Ortiz to Reunite with ABC on ‘Revenge’

Ugly Betty alumna Ana Ortiz is exacting Revenge on former employer ABC.

The actress, currently starring on the recently renewed Lifetime sudser Devious Maids, has booked a Season 3 guest stint on ABC’s Sunday drama, TVLine has confirmed.

She will play the role of Bizzy Preston, a confident, fearless public relations specialist who’s brought in by Conrad to do damage control for the Graysons.

As of now Ortiz is booked for one episode.…

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Latest ‘Devious Maids’ Scoop from TVLine

Question: Any scoop on Season 2 of Devious Maids? — Fernando

Ausiello: With the “Who killed Flora?” mystery all wrapped up and Marisol’s true identity as a college professor revealed, Lifetime’s guilty-pleasure sudser is restocking its pantry, so to speak, by casting three new domestic workers and one wealthy head of a Beverly Hills household — all of them series regulars, and all but one of ‘em sexy males. Nicholas is described as “a handsome, charming Latino” businessman/philanthropist in his 40s and (brace for a possible hint at Season 2′s central mystery in 5, 4, 3, 2…) a man whose first wife “died under mysterious circumstances.” Opal, his Caucasian, 40something maid, has been in his employ since his previous marriage, and she’s a secretive, conniving woman “reminiscent of Mrs. Danvers from Hitchcock’s Rebecca.” Wait, did Mrs. Danvers have a hot, naughty, dark-haired son who just turned 18 and works as a pool boy? Because Opal does, his name is Ethan, and he’s the third of the Season 2 cast additions. Finally, there’s Tony, a dark, swarthy, European hunk in his mid-30s with a Special Forces past and the athletic physique that goes with it. The macho man will find work as a bodyguard/chauffeur. –TVLine

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